I am a young self-taught painter from Belgium, but I don't feel Belgian.I have a peculiar past, with my family we have traveled a lot. Different parts of me are spread all over the world. We left Belgium when I was 5 years old and for 7 years we traveled and lived in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We had a project, we screened films for children all over the world.We are called Angaleo. I don't remember very well all my travels as I was very young but it has forged me.Maybe that's why I feel a bit lost, out of nowhere, as if I had been descended to earth from nowhere. I am now 19 years old, 4 years ago, I started to draw and then to paint. It was a way not to feel alone. Today painting for me is as if I had someone living inside me, this person works alone when I am in front of a canvas. He is my shrink, my memory, my imagination. He is the only person who really knows me, he knows what warms me up, he has created in me a world where I am chosen. Where my freedom is pure. This is where I come from. When this person appears, it projects me into myself, creating a mixture of my imagination with my photographed childhood memories. Anyhow, in my inner self, while painting I don't look for anything, I just follow myself. In the end, behind everything in our life is the search for freedom and happiness. That's why painting helps me to disconnect. I am in constant evolution in my work. Even if it's still blurry. Today it's the result of the feelings that I have never said, we always wanted to run away.